Recent Fieldwork - Priory Park 2016

This project is proving fascinating:
  • David Staveley undertook a “Ground Penetrating Radar” survey in Priory Park (Chichester). This revealed what may be the remains of buildings in the south western corner and other possible features.
  • May- under the direction of James Kenny, a few members of the Fieldwork Committee excavated a small (approx.1mx3m) trench. This exposed a roman floor surface and robbed out walls. A 3D image of the trench is below.
  • June - we undertook a high resolution resistivity survey of the South West corner, which revealed what could be additional features to those identified by the GPR.
  • August - we continued with the high resolution survey in the South east section and identified further features but had to withdraw because cricketers wanted to pay cricket.
  • November - we continued with the North East North east section revealing further possible features.
  • We also took the opportunity of ideal conditions for some magnetometry training. These surveys have identified a range of potential features; it is hoped that we might be able to undertake further investigations.

    Priory Park May 2016 by Hugh Fiske on Sketchfab

    Press the 'play' symbol, then when the model has loaded left mouse click and hold to rotate, right mouse click and hold to pan, mouse scroll wheel (or hold Ctrl + drag) to zoom. Click on the numbered annotations for more information.