Fieldwork - Priory Park 2019

CDAS is very much looking forward to the 2019 Priory Park excavation which starts on May 20th and runs for 2 weeks. There will be plenty to see so please come along!

The Priory Park Archaeology Project is collaboration between Chichester District Council (CDC) and Chichester and District Archaeology Society (CDAS). James Kenny, Archaeological Officer for CDC directs the excavation; CDAS provides the volunteers and CDC provides the funding.

The objectives of this year’s excavation are:

  • To investigate the area to south and south-east of the bath-house in order to establish its extent and to identify any connected structures or rooms associated with it.
  • To establish any relationship between the bath-house and Building 3.
  • If no connection exists, to investigate and identify the area between the two buildings.
  • To investigate the north part of Building 3 in order establish its limits and to identify its purpose and state of preservation.
  • To secure further evidence for the date of construction and occupation of the buildings and any other activity that precedes or post-dates them.