The Society publishes an inexpensive guidebook to Chichester’s history, “Walk Into Chichester’s Past”, prepared in close cooperation with the District Archaeology Officer, James Kenny. For the benefit of visitors from Chichester’s twin city Chartres, and other francophone visitors, the guide is also available in French (Découvrir Chichester à Pied). The aim of these booklets is to give the visitor a sense of the city’s history through a walk around its most significant buildings and monuments and to correct some of the myths and errors which have crept into other earlier accounts. The City Council and Chichester District Council generously contributed towards the costs. The guidebooks are on sale at the new District Museum in Tower Street. Copies can also be purchased at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

The Society has published a report on Emsworth's historic oyster industry, leading to an exhibition mounted in cooperation with Emsworth museum. Our survey of Bow Hill Iron Age site appeared in Sussex Archaeological Collections 147, published in 2009 by Sussex Archaeological Society.

The CDAS survey on the Bow Hill Iron Age site has been published in Sussex Archaeological Collections:

Haskins, N.J. 2009. Survey of the Bow Hill Camp, Stoughton, West Sussex, SAC 147, 19-23.